Benefits and usage of the moringa tree

The tree moringa oleifera grows fast and it is from South Asia and the tropical regions. The leaves of it are used as cures in natural medicine methods and this was known for centuries back in the Ayurveda system. It even aids in more than 300 health issues.

The moringa also is called a miracle tree, drumstick tree or horseradish tree and the leaves of it are round, small and have many proteins, beta carotene, calcium, potassium and vitamin C, no wonder it was used as cure for even 4,000 years.

Since it grows really fast in those world areas, it was used mainly in Senegal, India and Malawi. There it is used as the best healthiest food they can get and they can harvest it during the whole year.

I tried to grow such a tree for two years now, and really, it grows fast like weed. For people in third world countries, it is an excellent nutritious food to have.

But, it won’t be a good idea to plant it in your yard for health aims; the leaves are small and it is hard to harvest them each from every stem.

Those leaves are tiny and delicate and you will see that it is a trouble to take care of this plant all the time. So, the moringa is healthy and beneficial only after harvesting.

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The 6 reasons why moringa is good

  1. Great nutrition: we said the leaves have minerals, vitamins, amino acids and in 100 g moringa you get: 9 times more protein to yoghurt, 10 times more vitamin A to carrots, 15 times more potassium to bananas, 17 times more calcium to milk, 12 times more vitamin C to oranges, 25 times more iron to spinach.
  2. Antioxidants- the moringa leaves have antioxidants, like the beta carotene and vitamin C, chlorogenic acid and quercetin. The chlorogenic acid slows down absorbing of sugar in some cells and some animal testings showed it even lowers blood sugar, as stated in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention. It says there that the moringa is a great antioxidant due to the polyphenols. The moringa leaves also give off many antioxidants and protect from free radicals to stop that damage to our cells. Also, women that take at least 1,5 tsp moringa powder daily for 90 days, have better blood antioxidant results.
  3. Lowering blood sugar- the moringa is useful for fighting diabetes. The leaves have isothiocyanates and this is the reason. In one study, women that had 7 grams moringa powder for 3 months, reduced the blood sugar by whole 13.5%. another study shown that 50 grams moringa in a meal dish lowers blood sugar rising chances by 21% in diabetes people.
  4. Less inflammation- the flavonoids, isothiocyanates and phenolic acids in the leaves, seeds and pods reduce inflammation, says Epoch Times. This tree is great for this purpose and is used to heal ulcers in the belly. The moringa oil or Ben oil, protects us from chronic inflaming. Unlike other oils, this one doesn’t get rancid. This means it is a power plant and also keeps foods from getting rancid and smelly. It is sweet and also used in salads sometimes. Topically, it is for fungi issues, arthritis and moisturizer of skin.
  5. Healthy cholesterol- it can lower down the cholesterol as an animal testing showed. This was in comparison to the drug simvastatin, as to Journal of Ethnopharmacology. The moringa is used in Thai medicine in cardiotonic purposes. Some studies even say that it is hypocholesterolemic. In rabbits fed a lot of cholesterol, after week 12 of treating, they had their cholesterol lowered and the atherosclerotic plaque was reduced too for 86%. This was even better than the simvastatin. Those results showed this plant to be a great antioxidant, antiatherosclerotic, hypolipidaemic and great cure overall for heart issues.
  6. Protection to arsenic toxic activity- the moringa leaves stop arsenic toxicity that comes from some foods like rice that is contaminated. That contamination comes from ground water and it is a global problem. One study even said some facts. The co-administration of moringa powder (250-500 mg/kg oral use) with arsenic has made SOD superoxide dismutase, catalase and GPx elevated in the reduced GSH in tissues like kidney, liver and brain. Such changes came with 57%, 64% and 17% decrease in blood ROS reactive oxygen speciesm MT liver metallothionein and lipid peroxidation, in animal tests with arsenic and moringa.
    Another such example is the reduced arsenic uptake in soft tissues like (55% in blood, 65% in liver and 54% in kidneys, also 34% in brain) with moringa administering of 500 mg/kg.
    so we can conclude how moringa powder with arsenic can protect animals from oxidative damage and stress and reduce the arsenic focus in tissues. Also moringa is useful for chelation therapies.

A moringa leaf can cleanse water and do much more…

As far as digestion goes, moringa has many fibers so the Epoch Times says it this way; it is like a mop in the belly inside, cleans every toxic residue there is from bad diet habits. Also important are the isothiocyanates that are anti-bacterial and protect from H. pylori, bacteria that causes gastritis, gastric cancer and ulcer. These seeds even cleanse the water better.

The Uppsala University claims that there is a protein in the seeds that makes clusters separate in water. This was published in the journal Colloids and Surfaces A. it makes us optimistic about purification of water!

The Uppsala experts even with the Lund experts and those of Botswana, Namibia, France and USA collaborated and studied the structure of the protein bonds in it.

Results showed how material clusters with the protein are full of flocculating agents. This is even better for water cleaning since those flocks separate.

It is even said that moringa can attach to bad materials in the body and detoxify us.

Usage of moringa

If you get to moringa somehow, use the leaves fresh in the meals and it will taste like radish. Put them in salad, smoothies or steamed like spinach is. Another way is with powder form, like supplement or in soups, smoothies and meals. The powder has a greenish flavor and aroma so do not put too much.

Also try to use organic and cold pressed moringa oil, but it is not cheap. It costs 15 times more than the olive oil. We said already, do not plant it in your yard – the rapid growth can reach 30 feet even in few years so instead buy powder form in local health stores. Fox News even said this plant has more healing traits.

Every part of this plant can reduce inflammation, infections and cardio problems. Also it soothes digestion issues and improves liver work, among resolving milk issues with mothers. These benefits are all recorded in Ayurveda and Unani documents as ancient healing ways.

The moringa also has moringine, moringinine, quercetin, kaempferol, rhamnetin and polyphenols too. The leaves get more popular than ever since they reduce hypertension, wter weight and lower cholesterol.

Studies also showed leaves to be anti-tumor and anticancer agents too due to the niaziminin. Experiments also showed protection from the Epstein Barr virus. The leaves help with thyroid work or hyperthyroidism. It is even said it helps with Herpes type 1.